25 Horn Trios Including the complete Opus 82 and Trio No. 5 from Opus 93 Maximize

25 Horn Trios Including the complete Opus 82 and Trio No. 5 from Opus 93

Composer: Anton Reicha (1770-1836) 
Edited By: Kenneth C. Henslee 
Instrumentation: French Horn Trio in F or Eb, Part I available in Bb and Part III available in C 
Price for Each Part: $15.00 
Price for Score: $30.00 
Price: Price will vary depending on number of parts and extras ordered. See above for unit prices.

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Though Anton Reicha is best known for his 24 Woodwind Quintets, he also liked to compose for several instruments of the same kind. From this came the 24 Horn Trios of Opus 82. Reicha's Trios for three horns constitute one of the most curious productions from a composer who specialized in musical curiosities. What's even more astounding is that the four volumes that comprise the work, each containing six pieces, actually include some marvelous music. Because Reicha was such a brilliant theoretician, his music is so varied and in many cases experimental in form and content. When listening to several of the Horn Trios, it seems there are more than just three horns playing. Each of the 24 Trios is a unique musical expression providing a wide range of techniques and difficulties for the hornist. From the very simple Trio No. 15, Tritonis, where the first horn is limited to the first three notes of the scale to the lyrical chromatics of Trio no. 19, the less experienced horn student can enjoy some truly superb music. For the more experienced hornists, Trio No. 3 and Trio No. 7 provide some real challenges for the individual players as well as the ensemble as a whole. On of the true beauties of the Opus 82 Trios is the variety available to hornists at all levels of ability. 

In addition to the Opus 82 Trios, a transcription of Trio No. 5 from Opus 93 is included. It was originally written for two Horns and Bassoon. Because the Bassoon part was written in the upper range throughout most of the piece, it transcribed very well for three Horns and provides a unique and beautiful addition to the Opus 82 Trios. 

In addition to having all 24 Opus 82 Trios in one collection, all parts maintain the original concert pitch of Eb. This allows the student with the parts for Horn in F to play along with the Tylsaar brother’s excellent recording on Supraphon CD number 11 1446-2 without having to transpose from an Eb part. For the purist, Eb parts are available. Parts in other transpositions are also available for those that can’t find three fellow hornists but do have a trumpeter and/or a trombonist available. For the composition student, a full score is also available.