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Finale from "The Firebird"

Composer: Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) 
Arranger: Mort Shafer (1931-2009) 
Instrumentation: French Horn Octet (Horns 6 & 8 have some Bass Clef notation) 
Performance Time: 3:00 
Price: $12.00

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The Firebird is based on a Russian fairy tale. The story that accompanies Stravinsky’s composition deals with a fantastic creature (half bird, half woman) clad in feathers of scarlet, gold, copper and vermilion, who is captured by a Prince and then freed. She rewards him with one of her magic feathers, which later serves to protect him from an evil wizard. 

The Firebird made Stravinsky popular. The much touted “1919” version, which is featured in Fantasia 2000, is in fact virtually identical to the earlier one. Stravinsky, a master of self-promotion and hype, made much of his rewrite, but in fact it was all intended to extend his copyright, which was about to run out.