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Composer: Friedrich Burgmüller (1806-1874) 
Edoted Bu: Mary Burroughs 
Instrumentation: French Horn, Voice and Piano 
Performance Time: 4:30 
Grade Level: 3 
Price: $12.00

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This edition of "Effie" is made from a photocopy of an early edition located in the Staatsbibliothek der Stiftung Preussicher Kulturbesitz in Berlin. Written in handwriting on the title page is the date "1842". The origin of this written date is unknown.

It is assumed that the composer of this work is Johann Friedrich, son of Johann August Burgmüller, German musical director and composer. Friedrich, born in Regensburg in 1806, became a composer of songs, piano studies that were primarily intended for children and works for the stage including a ballet, "La Peri", written in 1843.

As was common at the time, "Effie" was published for cello and horn, with the cello part printed in the score and the horn part included separately. I have followed the printed horn part in this modern edition closely with a few exceptions that are noted in the "Additions and Deletions to/from the original score of Effie".

Mary Burroughs

English translation of "Effie"

O beautiful time
full of happiness
return to your magic sound,
of sweet love
which conquered me.

Now you have gone
I am left behind.
My star of hope sank here.
In vain will I reach for you
and find peace
only in the grave.

What remains of your vow
which nature and god heard?
Where is the glance which
punished me and stole
all my happiness!