Andante Grazioso KV 331 for Clarinet Quartet Maximize

Andante Grazioso KV 331 for Clarinet Quartet

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Arranger: Kenneth C. Henslee 
Instrumentation: Clarinet Quartet (Clarinets in Bb 1 & 2, Alto Clarinet (Optional Clarinet in Bb 3), and Bass Clarinet) 
Performance Time: 8:30
Price: $12.00

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Andante Grazioso is the first movement from the “Sonata in A major, KV 331”, which was originally composed for piano. This opening movement is a set of variations on an original them that captures the quintessence of Mozartean grace and beauty in a gently lilting 6/8 metre. The artistic difficulty arises from the fact that all the variations except one are in the same key of A major and Mozart does not stray very far from the original in its successive elaborations during the course of this lengthy movement.