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Composer: Douglas Hill 
Instrumentation: Tenor, Clarinet, French Horn, Cello and Piano 
Performance Time: 19:00 
Grade Level: 5 
Price: $50.00

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Horizons, by Douglas Hill, is based on texts by Sigurd F. Olson, a prolific nature writer of the mid-20th Century. With its focus on the north woods of Minnesota and Wisconsin, this six movement, 19 minute work features narration and song as it explores the need for and deep love of wilderness. From The Pipes of Pan, heard in childhood, through What one finally becomes..., Olson's poetic language is enhanced with thoughtful melodies and the sounds of nature. 

The six movements are:
1. In traveling great rivers...
2. The Pipes of Pan
3. The Song of the North
4. Joys Come
5. I Am Not Alone
6. What one finally becomes...