Quintet in E Major for Horn and Piano Maximize

Quintet in E Major for Horn and Piano

Composer: Anton Reicha (1770-1836), Opus 106 
Arranger: Kenneth C. Henslee 
Instrumentation: French Horn (in E and F) and Piano 
Performance Time: 30:00
Price: $12.00

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This stunning work, originally for Horn and String Quartet, is by a composer who is gradually gaining recognition as a master of his craft. There’s a reason that Anton Reicha’s music has remained unknown for so long: much of it is ferociously difficult to play. This Horn Quintet, for example, is no mere bagatelle, but a 30-minute workout about 10 times more difficult than any known horn concerto. Technically, it’s simply beyond the reach of all but the most supreme virtuosos, but more than being a mere instrumental tour-de-force, it’s also musically thrilling. The opening Allegro, for example, covers a very wide harmonic range, while the Menuetto is reallya deliriously syncopated Scherzo.

There’s really no chamber music quite like this in its unique range and ambition, and you should hear it. Reicha’s music is a joy.